Rules 2019
  • Marathon, Half Marathon y 10 kilometers

ARTICLE 1. Event organizer

ADIDAS PERÚ S.A.C. and ZM Promociones S.R.L. are the organizers of the Life Lima42k Marathon 2019, with the cooperation of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima and the Municipalities of San Borja, San Isidro, Miraflores, Santiago de Surco, Magdalena del Mar and Lince.

ARTICLE 2. Categories

Any person, male or female, who is 18 years old on the day of the race, is elegible to participate in this event. Nevertheless, athletes who are between 16 and 17 years old may participate, but only in the 10km event. They must present an authorization signed by their parent or guardian and be accompanied by them when they pick up their race number at the Expo Maratón 2019. You can click here to download the standard authorization template.

Life Lima 42k Marathon 2019 categories: Marathon, Half-marathon and 10km.


Marathon (42.195 km) and Half-marathon (21.098 km) categories



Damas 18 y más años
Varones 18 y más años

Master 35
Damas 35 a 39 años
Varones 35 a 39 años

Master 40
Damas 40 a 44 años
Varones 40 a 44 años

Master 45
Damas 45 a 49 años
Varones 45 a 49 años

Master 50
Damas 50 a 54 años
Varones 50 a 54 años

Master 55
Damas 55 a 59 años
Varones 55 a 59 años

Master 60
Damas 60 a 64 años
Varones 60 a 64 años

Master 65
Damas 65 y más años
Varones 65 y más años


10km categories



Damas 16 y más años
Varones 16 y más años

Master 35
Damas 35 a 39 años
Varones 35 a 39 años

Master 40
Damas 40 a 44 años
Varones 40 a 44 años

Master 45
Damas 45 a 49 años
Varones 45 a 49 años

Master 50
Damas 50 a 54 años
Varones 50 a 54 años

Master 55
Damas 55 a 59 años
Varones 55 a 59 años

Master 60
Damas 60 a 64 años
Varones 60 a 64 años

Master 65
Damas 65 y más años
Varones 65 y más años


Athletes must consider May 20, 2018, the day of the race, as their date of reference for calculating their corresponding race category.

ARTICLE 3. Registration

Registration for the race will take place exclusively online through the website, using the form provided for this purpose.

Payment can be made online with VISA credit/debit cards and/or Mastercard credit cards and/or Diners Club credit cards, or directly at the payment modules in cash or with VISA cards.

Local VISA credit/debit cards (issued in Peru) must be registered in the VERIFIED BY VISA system. If your card is not registered, please contact your bank.

Once registration is completed, participants will receive an e-mail confirming their registration. Athletes must print the registration confirmation or show this document on their mobile phones and present it along with their ID card when collecting their race kit at the Expo Maratón 2019.

From November 26, 2018 until registration closes, these will remain open 24 hours, only for online payments through the website

Please note that the size of the t-shirts is subject to availability, therefore the organizing committee will not be responsible in case the size requested by the participant is no longer in stock.

There will be no refunds, including for people who bought their access codes and who did not register within the registration period.

The competition allows for a maximum of 15,000 entries (3,000 for 42km, 4,000 for 21km and 8,000 for 10km).

Registration fee: The fees will vary according to the race and the date on which participants register.


During the first online registration phase from November 26, 2018 to Sunday, February 3, 2019, the fees will be:
Carrera 10K
S/. 70.00

Media-Maratón (21.098km)
S/. 90.00

Maratón (42.195km)
S/. 110.00


From Monday, February 4, 2019, until Sunday, April 21, 2019 the fees will be:
Carrera 10K
S/. 80.00

Media-Maratón (21.098km)
S/. 100.00

Maratón (42.195km)
S/. 120.00


In the last weeks of registration, from Monday, April 22, 2019 to Sunday, May 5, 2019 (or before this, if the registration quota is met early), the last-minute registration fees will be:
Carrera 10K
S/. 90.00

Media-Maratón (21.098km)
S/. 110.00

Maratón (42.195km)
S/. 130.00


Participants who have registered, but who for any reason wish to modify their registration, must make an additional payment of S/ 20.00 to cover administrative expenses.

ARTICLE 4 Starting Corrals

Life Lima42k Marathon 2019 will have starting pens for each of the three races, ensuring an efficient and steady start for all participants.

To access the starting corrals, participants must complete the following steps, and complete their registration on the website until March 31, 2019. Each starting pen has limited spaces, which will be assigned according to the order of registration after past race times have been verified. Runners who cannot register their past race time or who register it after the deadline will be assigned to the last starting corral.

You must provide a link for the event that shows your past race time in order for it to be verified, as well as your race number and the year you participated in the event. If any information is missing in order to verify the time

Instructions for the starting corrals

  • Each individual race number is assigned to a specific starting corral.
  • In order to enter the starting pens the race number must be visible and properly placed.
  • You will only be allowed to access the starting corral you have been assigned to in registration.

ARTICLE 5 Expo Maratón 2019

The race kit, which includes the race number, the official race t-shirt and the electronic timing chip can only be collected at the 2018 Maratón Expo, on one of the following days: Friday, May 17, 2018 and Saturday, May 18, 2019.

Expo Maratón 2019 will be take place in (venue to be confirmed) and the opening hours will be as follows:

MAY 17: 12pm - 9pm
MAY 18: 9am - 7pm

Expo Maratón 2019 will aim to provide athletes with all the necessary information regarding the different activities that will take place on the day of the event, as well as giving out the runners race kits, which contain: the official t-shirt, the individual race number, the electronic timing chip, the bag for locker storage, as well as information about the race.

To collect their race kit, participants must present their identity card (DNI) and printed or digital proof of registration.

Participants who have acquired a registration code but who for whatever reason have not completed the online registration process may only register during the Maratón Expo, without exception, by presenting the card with the original registration code and paying the sum of S/. 20.00 for administrative and late registration fees.

In case a registered participant is not able to personally collect their race number, they may do so by proxy, by presenting a simple power of attorney letter and a copy of both the participant's and the proxy's identity card.

Please note that on the day of the event (May 19) race numbers, t-shirts and electronic timing chips will not be given out, therefore it is essential that all participants collect their race kits at Expo Maratón.

On the day of the event, participants must visibly show the official Life Lima42k Marathon 2019 race number on their chest, ensuring it is not retouched, manipulated, trimmed, or folded until the end of the race.

In addition, athletes must attach their personal timing chip to their shoelaces, using the plastic bands provided inside the bag of the chip. Athletes must ensure the chip is properly attached to their running shoes.

ARTICLE 6. Start times

The event will take place on May 19, 2019.

42km start time
from 7am (southern lane) to 7.15am (*)

21km start time
from 7am (northern lane) to 7.15am (*)

10km start time
from 8.30am (northern lane) to 8.45am (*)


(*) Once the race has started, participants may not start the race or leave with a group they are not registered with. For your time to be considered, timed and valid for collecting prizes and/or making complaints, you must depart with the group to which you belong and within the established time. Be attentive to the instructions that will be given before the start of each individual race in this event.

ARTICLE 7. Course

You can find out more about the course, the elevations and services by clicking here


A panel of certified judges will time the race. The time is calculated using an electronic chip system (Pacific Timing).

There will be electronic and/or manual time checkpoints at the starting line, throughout the course, at the finish line and at different points in the race, therefore runners must go through each of these checkpoints. Athletes who do not go through each of the checkpoints will be disqualified.

The maximum duration of the event will be 6 hours from the start of the Marathon race. Athletes who do not meet the following pace requirements may be withdrawn from the event:


Km 5

Km 10
1h 25′

Km 15
2h 5′

Km 20
2h 50′

Km 21.098
3h 00′

Km 25
3h 30′

Km 30
4h 10′

Km 35
5h 00′

Km 40
5h 35′

Km 42.195
6h 00′


The official time (gun time) will be applied for the absolute category, as established in the IAAF regulations. For the different age categories, the chip time will apply.

ARTICLE 9 Prizes

You can find out more about the prizes for each distance by clicking here.

ARTICLE 10 Prize ceremony

The prize money is given in US dollars. In the general category, athletes who attain the five best race times for the Marathon competition will receive the absolute prize, without age restrictions. Only athletes who are showing their official Life Lima42k Marathon 2019 race number, with the visible and uncovered logos, will have access to the prize stand, and must be accompanied by an event staff member.

ARTICLE 11 Services for runners

The event organizer will offer provisions for athletes at the finish line and in the wardrobe area, but is not responsible for any items that are stored there.

There will be service points, including rehydration areas, bathrooms, first aid posts, among others, throughout each course:

Marathon: 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km, 25km, 30km, 35km, 40km and at the finish line.
Half-marathon: 5km, 10km, 15km, 20km and at the finish line.
10km race: 5km, 8km and at the finish line.

There will be an ambulance service available during the event and medical assistance posts in the service points throughout the course, as well as a medical center set up by the starting/finish line.

The event organizers will provide a “sweep-up bus” that will mark the end of the race (marathon and half-marathon). It may also be used as a transfer shuttle for athletes who have fallen behind and who, for whatever reason, do not wish or are not able to continue in the competition. They will only be transported until the finish line. The event organizers will not be held responsible for this courtesy shuttle service.

ARTICLE 12 Runner requirements

Participants should complete the entire course, passing through each one of the checkpoints, and in such a way that judges are able to read the race numbers. In the event there is no electronic record available at the starting line, finish line or at the checkpoints throughout the course, athletes will be obliged to verify where they passed and when. All participants must use the official Life Lima42k Marathon 2019 t-shirt, from the start until the end of the race. Only elite athletes and athletes running the distance of 42,195km are excused from this rule. Any participants who run without the official Life Lima42k Marathon 2018 number, do so under their own responsibility, and will not be entitled to any of the privileges to which officially registered athletes are entitled. Athletes without a race number will be removed from the course. Participants must behave appropiately, show good sportsmanship and respect the instructions of the judges, the organizers and the auxiliary event staff. The event organizers reserve the right to carry out anti-doping tests on any male or female participant who finishes their corresponding race. Refusal to take part in these tests will be grounds for immediate disqualification for the participant. In the case of an adverse (positive) result in the sample A anti-doping test, an email will be sent with this information and stating when the test was carried out. From this date, the athlete will have 30 calendar days to request the opening of sample B, and may set an opening day within 60 calendar days after the result has been communicated.

If the athlete does not meet the deadlines outlined above, it shall be understood that the athlete is waiving his or her right (to request the opening of sample B), and therefore the race leaderboard will be modified accordingly.

ARTICLE 13 Disqualification

DISQUALIFICATION will be applied to:

Athletes who are not visibly showing and correctly displaying the official race number on their chest.
Athletes who do not complete the race by following the official race course and/or do not pass through the established checkpoints, with their race number visible and uncovered, and/or do not complete the entire course on foot and by their own efforts (e.g.: by riding a bicycle, motorcycle, car, or any type of transportation that is not on foot).
Athletes who do not correctly attach the chip to their running shoes.
Athletes wearing a race number or chip that is assigned to another runner. (Replacement)
Athletes who cross the finish line without a t-shirt or chip.
Athletes who are helped by unregistered athletes to keep track of their run pace.
Athletes who during the competition do not circulate through the appointed places and the route of the course (sidewalks are not part of the course and are off limits).
Athletes who receive food or rehydration supplies outside the official posts indicated on the course outline, from personnel who does not belong to the organization of the event, be it on foot or from any type of vehicle.
Athletes who do not comply with the instructions of the judges or duly mandated event-organizing staff.
Athletes who demonstrate unsportsmanlike behavior and/or conduct (insults to staff, judges, participants, etc.)
Athletes who test positive for doping.

ARTICLE 14 Complaints

Only people registered in the Life Lima42k Marathon 2019 may file complaints. In the first instance, the participant who considers he or she has been affected will be able to make an oral complaint to the Course Judges, up to one hour after his or her arrival at the finish line.

In the second instance, after the official results have been published, both on the website and in the local press, the participant may appeal the provisions of the first instance, up to 24 hours after the results have been published, at the ZM Promociones SRL office (Calle Los Halcones 345, Surquillo), and by paying the fee assigned for the right of appeal, equivalent to $50.00 (fifty US dollars), an amount that will not be returned if the complaint is not accepted.

Finally, please note that when evaluating any complaints the present regulations will be taken into account, as well as the AIMS regulations in a supplementary manner. In case of conflicts between these regulations, the present regulation will prevail.

ARTICLE 15 Vehicles on the course

The only vehicles authorized to follow the race are those designated by the event organizers, and must visibly carry the relevant credential. Following runners on motorcycles, bicycles or other vehicles is strictly forbidden, under express orders from the National Police of Peru – PNP, who is authorized to remove them from the course in order to avoid accidents between runners and/or spectators.

ARTICLE 16 Responsability

The event organizer declares that it has taken all the necessary precautions in order to carry out a safe event without foreseeable accidents. However, the event organizer takes no responsibility for damages that an athlete may cause to him or herself, to other people; or failing that, it is not responsible in the event that third parties (spectators, drivers of vehicles outside the organization, etc.) cause damage to participants or to the organization. The participants accept, upon registering, the conditions set out above and they commit themselves with the organization to avoid personal accidents and property damage.

ARTICLE 17 Disclaimer

By the mere fact of registering and completing the registration process on the website, participants declare having read and accepted the terms and conditions, as well as being in optimum health and physical condition to participate in the Life Lima42k Marathon 2019, exempting the event organizer, the sponsors, and other participating institutions from any legal liability related to accidents or injuries that participants may suffer before, during and/or after the sporting event.

ARTICLE 18 Event director

The event director is Mag. Andreas Müller.

For inquiries, please visit the website or go to:

ZM Sports Management

Tel: (0051-1) 253-5278